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Shooting for City Eats, the Food Network’s restaurant reservation and food interest website, continues to satisy me on so many levels. They send me off to shoot some the DC area’s best restaurants—high-energy shooting with a lot of creative inspiration and wonderful people. The food is always visually beautiful and tastes great. I shared some of my first shots for City Eats in a blog post a few months ago. Here are some of my favorite shots from recent City Eats assignments. The colorful plate above is Maine Lobster Pappardelle with Baby Carrots, English Peas and Lobster Cognac Essence at Marcel’s.

I try to contain myself, but I really do feel like jumping up and down with joy when they bring out the food. The chefs just keep getting better and better. The dish above is Restaurant Eve’s Agnolotti with Almond, Carrot Butter, Ricotta and Tamarind.

Ideally, I like to get to these restaurants between shifts to allow enough quiet time for shooting several composed plates–then, when possible, I love to segue into shooting the start of lunch or dinner service as the tension and pace build. Above is the bustling dining room of The Majestic.

Above is The Majestic’s Chesapeake Bay Seafood Stew.

At Vidalia Restaurant, I got into the kitchen for close-up shots of cooking and service, below.

I grabbed a quick shot of Vidalia’s Caramel Layer Cake with Buttermilk Ice Cream…as it whisked out of the kitchen.

I’ll share more favorite shots from City Eats assignments again soon. Meanwhile, check out their excellent website to reserve a table and to read some excellent DC food writers’ articles on restaurant news.



Now it can be told—I’m proud and excited to be on the CityEats team! Until their recent launch, it was very hush-hush that Food Network was creating this new Washington, DC–based website smartly combining good food writing and photography with a reservation service. As you visit each restaurant’s page on CityEats, you’ll see their menus and a slideshow displaying numerous lovely food shots; but, you also get to see shots of their environment and people. Some pages also have videos. If you like what you see, it’s super convenient to book a table right on the same page.

They’ve already sent me to shoot a great variety of DC-area dining spots. As much as love shooting in my own studio, I also love stretching my wings by shooting on location, where I get to do a comprehensive study of the restaurant. (I also love talking to the chefs about food and eating!)

Among the many food shots I made at Chef Cathal Armstrong’s Restaurant Eve, is the elegant Pavlova with Figs, Mint and Raspberry-Cabernet Reduction, above. Also at Restaurant Eve, below, you can see how fresh herbs are gathered right outside the dining room. They are all about (very!) local sourcing.

At West End Bistro by Eric Ripert, below, I shot the colorful Striped Bass with Fig Tabbouleh, Red pepers and Za’tar Vinagrette.

Also at West End Bistro, I captured this servers’-eye view, peeking into the kitchen.