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It’s so exciting to stroll grocery-store aisles and suddenly see packages featuring my photographs! Glutino is a major gluten-free product line, and I get the pleasure of seeing them often, as many stores carry their goods. For Glutino’s extensive rebranding campaign, my images are being used in their simple, elegant new packaging as well as on their terrific new website. I shot 75 of their delicious products, in many categories, from snack-foods to frozen meals to baking mixes.

Creating images that help to redefine an established brand is a satisfying project. Part of that challenge is to convey an impression of a simple, casual world—one that I want to hang out in. I start out with testing alone in the studio, taking the clients’ descriptions and layouts and interpreting them into  something remarkable. Lighting is my way into that world—the most important aspect for me. It is a language all on its own that communicates so much depth and feeling.

Next come the props and textures—the addition of something tactile that invites you into the scene. Then, the foundation is ready for the main course. I collaborated with expert food stylists Lisa Cherkasky and Debbie Wahl. Their casual styling perfectly complements Glutino’s foods, as well as the details in the fresh lighting and layering of textures—and you want to eat what is on set.

When the set is lit, props are selected, food is placed, details are scrutinized, adjusted and scrutinized again…finally, the camera captures that image. Then, the creative contributors step over to the monitor to see the results of their efforts pop up on the screen, in a moment of shared anticipation that Lisa Cherkasky calls, “waiting to be dazzled.”  I am dazzled everyday!

Thank you to Creative Director Eric Donsky and the rest of the talented group at Glutino for such a beautiful  project.

This year, I am really looking forward to a low key 4th, hanging with family and friends, and eating good food. We love casual summer entertaining and relaxing outdoors, so “Perfect Picnic” tips from USA Weekend magazine are right on time.

For their cover and the recipe inside, I shot this fabulous “Creamy Ricotta Cheescake with Fresh Berries,” styled by Debbie Wahl. Delicious and eye-catching, Ellie Krieger’s “CookSmart” recipe for this traditional favorite includes healthier ingredients, as always.

Here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic 4th—and may all your picnics be perfect!

I am very honored (and excited!) to be sharing a Gold ADDY Award for a “Photography Campaign.” MGH advertising agency and I collaborated on this work for The Classic Catering People. It is used beautifully in Classic’s website, which also garnerd a separate Silver ADDY for MGH in the category of “Interactive Media.” Food stylist Debbie Wahl worked with us on all of these shots.

Three individual photos from this campaign also won Silver ADDYs for “Elements of Advertising: Photography—Color,” including the photo above, of “Pepperonata Bruschetta: roasted red peppers, basil, salt packed capers, sherry vinegar and olive oil on grilled country bread.”

Also recognized with Silver ADDYS were these two photos: “Seafood Stew with shrimp, scallops, cod, squid, mussels, tomato confit and Spanish olive oil-soaked croutons,” above; and, “Mini Chocolate Ganache Donuts with white chocolate gelato root beer float and chocolate-covered bacon,” below.

These ADDYs were awarded by the Baltimore chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), because MGH is headquartered there (as is Classic Catering). Baltimore’s AAF chapter is part of District 2 of the national AAF. Gold ADDYs from local chapters (such as DC and Baltimore) automatically go on to compete regionally, in the District 2 ADDYs, later this Spring. So, our Gold ADDY “Photography Campaign” work will compete in the next level alongside entries from DC, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Should they win there, they will proceed to the national level.

Yes, it was thrilling to win ADDYs last year, too—gold never loses its glow! But, we’re not feeling smug—we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the next round! Meanwhile, congrats to my collaborators, Debbie Wahl, MHG & The Classic Catering People—as well as to all the other Baltimore (and DC!) ADDY winners!

Thanksgiving is our favorite family holiday. It’s a lively day filled with at least 30 family members. My sister in law, Nancy has been hosting since before I married into the family, but for me it has been 25 years.

When it comes to favorite holiday recipes, there are two schools of thought—either you embrace tradition and lovingly (dutifully?) prepare the classics, or you go for something a bit different, just to shake things up. With our family, the deal is that the traditional food is made year after year, and if you want something different, it’s added. But the traditional recipe stays also—so the spread is quite large!

For those looking to shake things up, USA Weekend magazine’s Thanksgiving issue suggests smartly updated recipes for beloved holiday side dishes. Contributing Editor Pam Anderson tasked a group of talented chefs to create recipes with their own “twists.” They were even challenged to lower amounts of calories, fat and sugar, and the distinguished team came up with some very rich-tasting dishes.

With expert food styling by Debbie Wahl, I shot all of these recipes; and I think that, while they may be a bit healthier and more sophisticated, they pay homage to traditions and definitely do the holiday justice.

Chef Paul Kahan of Blackbird in Chicago said his “Creamy Leek Gratin with Breadcrumbs and Bacon” has “just enough cream, cheese, and bacon to make the dish taste good without taking it decadent. And then there’s the light option where I puree some of the leeks with skim milk and Greek yogurt to completely replace the cheese and cream.”

The luscious dessert above is Pumpkin Creme Caramel topped with Pumpkin Seed Brittle. This recipe is from Chef Brad Farmerie of the Michelin-star New York City restaurant Public. Farmerie says, it’s “a nod to tradition but it’s light, delicate, whimsical.” If you are going to mess with the classics and detour from that beloved pumpkin pie, this is a worthy alternative: creamy, spicy, juicy—and crunchy!

As for our own family’s dinner, Dov has been thinking about the food for months! My nephew from Texas called, already concerned about Marty’s famous contribution to the table: crusty potato bread and fresh cranberry sauce. Marty broke his leg recently, and even though he has graduated to a “walking” (hobbling?) cast, he is still not 100% on his feet, so our family’s chef is semi-sidelined.

Ben is really thinking about the post-dinner sandwich with Marty’s cranberry sauce that is so tart and gingery that you pucker thinking about it; and, his bread has just the right tooth! I promised to cook under Marty’s supervision (no pressure!)…


Are you staying with traditional dishes for your feast, or mixing it up some? Whatever your plans may be, I wish you a healthy, happy Thanksgiving!