The Palm is one of DC’s archetypic “power dining” spots. I’ll shoot their DC location for images they plan to use on their website. To prep for this job, I do a walk-through with the management. Scouting ahead always helps me to plan specific shots they want, and to see what else inspires me. Shooting some quick, basic studies of the space and potential subject matter of a location helps me anticipate whatever I may need to bring.

The Palm has restaurants in many US cities. All have a signature visual element that we need to include in my shoot as a background—the caricature artwork lining the walls. This tradition started when the original owners, needing wall decor, hired caricature artists to draw their high-profile customers (paying the “starving artists” with steak dinners). For this location, the cartoons include politicians and other DC patrons. There are a number of possible approaches to shooting these walls, so I make a variety of work shots to help me plot potential vantage points and lighting scenarios.

To include the hot action in their kitchen, I will shoot the prep areas and may do some cooking closeups. So, I make test shots of these spots also.

I will definitely be shooting pretty, composed plates of their sumptuous signature dishes set on their own tables and linens. Watch this space!