Post-Seder Post

Monday, 09 April 2012 / Published in Everyday Living, Inspirations

Our post-seder glow is setting in! What a joy, having so many friends and family members at our house again this year. We were sorry to not have Mara home for Passover as she is up against a deadline for her year-long senior project. She missed the food, but she was able to say hi to everyone at the seder via Skype!

Several days’ prep went into getting the house and food ready for our 20 guests. I even shared the cooking with Marty: I made the charoset, maror, tsimis and garlic-roasted broccoli. Marty made brisket with a delicious mustard, onion and cumin sauce, as well as marinated grilled chicken. We also had salad and steamed asparagus with vinaigrette.

Our feast was rounded out with contributions from our generous guests: Chuck and Lynn made Matzo ball soup with two kinds of matzo balls—light and fluffy; or, firm with a little tooth. Kathy made gefilte fish from rockfish they caught last summer. Our friend Cathy brought Almond-Lemon Macaroons (made from this recipe in the New York Times). Before they quickly disappeared, I couldn’t resist shooting these tasty cuties and sharing the photo, above. It reminded me of the fun I always have shooting a wide variety of recipes for the California Almond Board!

Also at our seder…speaking of sweet things with nutty goodness on top…Dov and his cousin, Lucas show a distinct family resemblance. Dov uses a little schmear of hair product to coax his coif, while Lucas comes by his look naturally.

I hope everyone else had a great Passover (and Easter), too!