Wednesday, 22 February 2012 / Published in Everyday Living, Inspirations

What a treasure to have this new portrait of me and Mara.

It was taken by my talented friend, the distinguished DC-based portrait photographer, Mary Noble Ours. We were lucky enough to be invited to sit for her, and are grateful to have the image of us together, capturing this time in our lives.

I met Mary Noble many years ago through our mutual friend and colleague, photographer Cameron Davidson. I just really enjoy her—she is a true artist! Plus, she loves food and is a wonderful cook. Her work captures a wide variety of subjects, from intimate portraits of pregnant women and newborns to authors’ book jacket photos; from horsewomen to violinists—and all kinds of adorable children. You can see in the faces of her subjects that they are relaxed and natural with her.

Having a portrait taken can really create some anxious self-consciousness, but Mary Noble is expert at putting her subjects at ease. She took my portrait previously, which I really like—I use it for my headshot. But, even though I’d sat for her before, I was a little nervous. I just feel inherently odd being on the “wrong” side of the camera! I kept feeling like I should be “doing” something, and couldn’t visualize what I looked like through her lens. It was kind of an out-of-body experience! But, when I stopped thinking and listened to Mary Noble, it was fine. She knows the right angle and the right light, and she has a certain sensibility that she is going after… So, I relaxed and let her use her talent!

She also shot this portrait of Mara alone, which is really lovely.

Thank you for our wonderful portraits, Mary Noble!