Flirty Frocks

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 / Published in Inspirations, Personal Work, Studio Shooting

These shapely femmes are starlets in my character-sculpture photograph series.

For years, I’ve found inspiration in my collection of vintage kitchen utensils. Sometimes they even find their way into photographs for client work, as they often did for the cookbook, Delicious By Design. For this personal work, I combine them with food and other objects to form sculptures that take on personalities, and I photograph them.

In these pieces, an old-fashioned whisk and egg separator are each sheathed in vintage doll dresses, which were beautifully handknitted by my niece’s grandmother in the 1970s. They looked pretty chic on my niece’s Barbie doll… But it was fun giving these flirty little frocks their new incarnation—accessorized with a linguine chapeau and a lettuce stole! As a kid, I had Midge doll, and used to create whole miniature worlds in the basement of our house—not much different from what I do now! (I wish I still had the outfits my mom made for Midge.)

I’ve shared this personal work previously in this blog in several posts. This time, I’m pleased to mention that excellent quality prints of many of these images are now for sale via Glow Artworks. This new company, co-founded by photographer Jim Esposito, offers “curated bodies of original art of a caliber and character rarely seen in public places….greatly varied, vital, and evocative.” I’m happy to have my personal work shown (and for sale) in such good company, and I wish Glow Artworks well!