Delectable Gems

Monday, 21 June 2010 / Published in Studio Shooting

Sparkling magenta sugar sprinkles over this simple, elegant piece of chocolate transforming it into a little treasure. “Persephone’s Pomegranate” is one of the unique flavors in Zoe’s Chocolates’ Signature Chocolate Collection (“Naturally sweet, red & juicy pomegranate blended into a dark chocolate ganache.”) Yikes. It’s hard to keep from eating everything on the set! I’m shooting most of their product line for their website, which will soon feature my images of their precious sweets.

I am charmed by the story behind their business and really love working with them. It is classic: Greek immigrant arrives in Baltimore, sells homemade chocolates from pushcart, opens store, becomes head of now-successful family business, hands it down to next two generations. The background in the above photo is an actual, original recipe in the handwriting of the first chocolatier/owner of Zoe’s! I love the connection.

As if exquisite, artisanal chocolate candies aren’t enough, they also make a divine, delicate chocolate mousse. Resistance is futile. This mousse is as delicious as it looks!